What Are Toothpaste Tablets, and Should You Make the Switch?

Toothpaste tablets are bite-size, solid tablets that offer a convenient, eco-friendly, and better alternative to traditional squeeze-tube toothpaste for your oral hygiene.

Some chewable toothpaste tablets are even formulated with nano hydroxyapatite which has been proven effective for:
  • Teeth remineralization
  • Desensitization
  • Whitening
  • Cavity prevention
  • Plaque and tartar reduction
  • Dry mouth relief
Plus, toothpaste tablets not only promote a healthy oral microbiome but also serve as a travel-friendly and mess-free solution to traditional fluoride toothpaste.

Keep on reading to learn all about toothpaste tablets and why you should make the switch!

What are Toothpaste Tabs?

A jar of toothpaste tablets

Toothpaste tablets, including innovative options like NOBS Tablets, have gained popularity over the last few years due to their travel-friendly, mess-free, and easy-to-use nature. 

Toothpaste tablets are a water-free toothpaste that has been pressed into a pill-like form. Typically, it contains microcrystalline cellulose and silica to maintain its dry and compact structure. 

Unlike toothpaste powders which are loose and messy, toothpaste tablets are compact and easy to travel with.

What sets premium toothpaste tablets apart, such as NOBS, is their inclusion of nano hydroxyapatite.

Researchers have found that the active ingredients of nano hydroxyapatite, can effectively combat tooth decay and hypersensitivity.

Why Use Toothpaste Tablets?

Studies suggest that using toothpaste tablets helps promote:
  • Improved oral health
  • Enhanced enamel remineralization
  • Reduced plaque buildup
  • Soothing of sensitive teeth
  • Eco-friendly oral care practices
Plus, by using Toothpaste tablets, you're not constantly replacing half-empty tubes that are hard to squeeze.

That is why toothpaste tablets like NOBS are a promising alternative for maintaining oral health.

Do Toothpaste Tablets Work Better Than Traditional Paste?

a toothbrushes next to a jar of toothpaste tablets
Yes, toothpaste tablets work just as well, if not better than regular toothpaste.

Tablet-form toothpaste is effective at plaque removal, reduces waste, is eco-friendly, and is more convenient to travel with.

To use toothpaste tablets, simply pop one in your mouth, chew until it forms a paste, and brush with a wet toothbrush for 2 minutes.

Simple, right?

Toothpaste Tablets Benefits

Toothpaste tablets offer a breath of fresh air, quite literally!

Check out some of these benefits - you'll be surprised how convenient and effective tablet toothpaste can be!

Clean Ingredients

Traditional toothpaste often contains chemical preservatives.

Toothpaste tablets, however, are waterless and don't require these additives.

Instead, they typically come with fluoride-free options like NOBS Toothpaste Tablets and are crafted with great ingredients for polishing your teeth like sodium bicarbonate.

In fact, NOBS Toothpaste Tablets use all-natural ingredients, such as coconut oil and licorice root, to freshen your breath and whiten your teeth while keeping your oral care routine as healthy as possible.

A Greener Choice

We're all trying to reduce our carbon footprint and plastic consumption right?

Americans discard over 400 million toothpaste tubes annually, and most of them end up in landfills due to their non-recyclable composition.

Thankfully, plastic-free toothpaste tablets like NOBS are an eco-friendly toothpaste alternative and use sustainable glass packaging.

You can even reuse or recycle the glass jars for your other personal care products and crafts!


Traveling with regular toothpaste can be a real headache.

It easily gets squished, spills, and makes a mess in your bag.

Plus, TSA's 3-1-1 rule categorizes regular toothpaste as a liquid. This means you might need to purchase a small toothpaste tube to comply with TSA regulations.

Thankfully, toothpaste tablets are good for travel.

You can just throw the jar in your bag since they come in spill-free packaging and make more room for your other essentials.

Promote Oral Health and Fight Tooth Decay

Toothpaste tablets with nano hydroxyapatite are your first line of defense against cavities.

Studies show that this magical ingredient not only remineralizes teeth like fluoride but also offers unique benefits such as:
  • Plaque removal
  • Soothing sensitive teeth
  • Strengthening tooth enamel

Plus, it plays a role in preventing gum and mouth disease, further enhancing your overall oral health.

Are There Any Downsides to Toothpaste Tablets?

a person holding a toothbrush and a toothpaste

Unfortunately, because you must be able to safely chew and spit to use toothpaste tablets, they are not suitable for young children.

Instead, children should use kids hydroxyapatite toothpaste specifically formulated for their sensitive gums and developing teeth until they're able to safely chew small objects.

Then, older children can begin using toothpaste tablets under the supervision of an adult.

How to Use Toothpaste Tabs

Using toothpaste tablets is straightforward and hassle-free. Here's how to do it:

     Step 1: Pop a tablet in your mouth
     Step 2: Chew it gently, allowing it to mix with your saliva to create a paste
     Step 3: Wet your toothbrush and proceed to brush for two minutes

And Voila! Easy huh?

Summary: Should You Make a Switch to Toothpaste Tablets?

Toothpaste tablets
The answer is clear: yes, you should make the switch to toothpaste tablets!

Toothpaste tablets offer numerous advantages, including:
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Reduced plastic waste
  • Easy of portability
  • Effective dental care

Plus, with toothpaste tablets, you're not paying for the extra stuff like preservatives that go into liquid toothpaste.

Instead, do yourself a favor and make the switch to NOBS today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How are toothpaste tablets used?

Toothpaste tablets are used by placing one tablet in your mouth, chewing it until it forms a paste, and then brushing your teeth as you would with traditional toothpaste.

Are toothpaste tablets good for the environment?

Yes, toothpaste tablets are good for the environment. Not only are they eco-friendly with sustainable, plastic-free packaging, but they also don’t require any water to produce or use.

Are toothpaste tablets effective?

Yes, toothpaste tablets are effective. They clean your teeth with key ingredients like fluoride or hydroxyapatite, similar to traditional toothpaste. In fact, toothpaste tablets are just as effective as tube toothpaste, and they’re even easier to carry around and use.

Can you use mouthwash with toothpaste tablets?

Yes, you can use mouthwash with toothpaste tablets. After brushing with the tablet, you can rinse your mouth with mouthwash for additional freshness and bacteria-fighting benefits.

Are toothpaste tablets safe to use for kids?

Toothpaste tablets are generally safe for children to use provided they can safely chew, swallow, and spit. Of course, children will require adult supervision when using toothpaste tablets just as they would with traditional toothpaste.

NOBS Toothpaste Tablets
NOBS Toothpaste Tablets
NOBS Toothpaste Tablets
NOBS Toothpaste Tablets
NOBS Toothpaste Tablets
NOBS Toothpaste Tablets
NOBS Toothpaste Tablets
NOBS Toothpaste Tablets
NOBS Toothpaste Tablets

NOBS Toothpaste Tablets

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NOBS is everything toothpaste should be - all the good stuff, and none of the junk.

Fluoride Free
Never any fluoride, and no harsh abrasives.

We used the magical remineralizing power of 5% nano-hydroxyapatite to protect your teeth long-term. It's the safest alternative to fluoride!

Unlike messy tube toothpaste, NOBS are easy to store and use anywhere.

Thanks to our unique blend of natural ingredients, NOBS will make your breath as fresh as you look. Instead of gross sweeteners that cover up a natural slightly bitter aftertaste, our organic mint will leave you so kissable. Trust us, your date will thank you.

Cleans Effectively Without Damaging Enamel

With an enviable RDA of 21.38, NOBS Toothpaste Tablets are intentionally designed to help you gently buff out surface stains and break up plaque biofilm without causing damage to your enamel. Thanks, baking soda!

Flex on TSA

NOBS toothpaste tablets don’t apply to the 3.4oz limit. Fly with confidence that you won’t be condemned to a dirty mouth while you travel.

No Mess

Never worry about your toothpaste tube exploding over your other toiletries. NOBS toothpaste tablets come in an air-tight glass jar, free of plastic and without the mess. Unscrew, chew, and renew your mouth.

No Plastic

We want you to disrupt your brushing routine, not your endocrine system. Unlike other brands, our product is free of all plastics and BPAs.

Perfect Size

NOBS toothpaste tablets are individual and perfectly dosed. No more squeezing, no more tube sliding against the edge of your sink and definitely no wasted toothpaste.

Safe for Children

Protecting little ones is our top priority. NOBS provides the safest oral care for pregnant women and their families. Just monitor and ensure that your child can chew and swallow safely before introducing them to NOBS.

This product is not suitable for pets. Humans only, please!

While xylitol is great for supporting the human oral microbiome, it can be toxic to pets. Please keep NOBS away from your furry friends, and contact your veterinarian immediately if consumed by your pet.

Fluoride Free Toothpaste Tablets