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Take a dentist and a cosmetic chemist, and what do you get?

A dynamic duo with an obsession for the most effective formulations without compromises.

Our primary motivation came from recommending subpar products to our patients and watching brands formulate products with questionable

Quite frankly, we’re so tired of it that we said screw it. We'll make our own products that we feel comfortable and enthusiastic about using ourselves.

We didn’t set out to make toothpaste; we made it because we wanted to use something we could use with confidence.

There are too many compromises with the current toothpaste options.

You shouldn’t have to choose between quality formulation and affordability.

You shouldn't need a DDS to avoid the BS.

NOBS was designed from the beginning to address a microbiome in need of
gentle recuperation and to encourage a safe method of enamel remineralization.

No shady ingredients, no compromises. NoBS

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