Eco Friendly Toothpaste

      Our eco-friendly toothpaste comes in sustainable, reusable glass packaging. It's just as friendly to your oral microbiome as it is to the Earth!

      Eco-Friendly Toothpaste

      Committing to a more sustainable lifestyle to help our planet has never been easier! Here at biöm, our toothpaste tablets come in plastic-free, reusable glass jars that are as friendly to the Earth as they are on your oral microbiome.


      Eco-friendly toothpaste is a tooth-cleaning product that's made with natural, sustainable, and environmentally friendly ingredients. It aims to reduce plastic waste and environmental harm while promoting good oral hygiene. Our NOBS Toothpaste tablets are the perfect example!

      Yes, our eco-friendly toothpaste can clean just as effectively as traditional toothpaste. NOBS Toothpaste Tablets are designed to provide a thorough and eco-friendly cleaning for your teeth.

      To use eco-friendly toothpaste tablets:

      1. Grab one of NOBS Toothpaste Tablets and put it in your mouth.
      2. Chew or crush it with your teeth.
      3. Brush your teeth with a wet toothbrush.
      4. Rinse and enjoy a fresh, eco-friendly clean!

      Yes, our eco-friendly NOBS Toothpaste Tablets are safe for teeth. They're fortified with nano hydroxyapatite to protect and strengthen your enamel.

      Yes, we offer fluoride-free, eco-friendly toothpaste, like NOBS Toothpaste tablets, which contain nano hydroxyapatite.

      Yes, eco-friendly toothpaste can be suitable for children. One example is NOBS Jr. Kid's Toothpaste, which is specifically designed with natural, kid-friendly ingredients and eco-conscious packaging. It's a safe and environmentally responsible choice for children's oral care needs.

      Consider us, biöm! We offer eco-friendly toothpaste with natural ingredients, earth-friendly packaging, relevant certifications, and a brand that prioritizes sustainability.

      Yes, children can use eco-friendly toothpaste, NOBS Jr. Kids Toothpaste with 5% nano hydroxyapatite. They're safe and gentle for kids.

      Yes, our eco-friendly toothpaste is formulated with nano hydroxyapatite to help with teeth sensitivity by using gentle and natural ingredients.

      Yes, our eco-friendly NOBS Toothpaste Tablets can do both! They are eco-friendly and can also help with teeth whitening.

      Yes, you can recycle the glass packaging of our eco-friendly NOBS Toothpaste Tablets.

      Yes, eco-friendly toothpaste is generally suitable for people with allergies, though individuals should be sure to review the ingredient list before trying it.

      Eco-friendly toothpaste positively impacts environmental health beyond dental health by using sustainable ingredients and reducing plastic waste.

      Yes, you can find eco-friendly toothpaste for specific dental concerns like dry mouth. Check our product offerings for options tailored to your needs.

      Yes, our eco-friendly toothpaste helps reduce plastic waste by using sustainable packaging and fewer plastic materials in our products.

      Eco-friendly toothpaste, like our NOBS Toothpaste Tablets, helps sustain the environment by using natural ingredients, minimizing plastic waste, and supporting eco-conscious dental care practices.

      Yes, our eco-friendly toothpaste works effectively for oral hygiene.

      Yes, our eco-friendly toothbrushes are worth it because they are environmentally friendly, made from sustainable materials, and contribute to reducing plastic waste.

      The healthiest toothpaste to use is our NOBS Toothpaste Tablets. They are designed with your health and well-being in mind, containing nano hydroxyapatite as a safe and effective alternative to fluoride.

      Yes, you can use our eco-friendly toothpaste if you have dentures. It's a suitable choice for denture cleaning and oral hygiene.

      Yes, you can find our eco-friendly toothpaste with natural flavors. It's a great choice for a refreshing and eco-conscious brushing experience.

      Yes, you can find our eco-friendly toothpaste at budget-friendly prices. We offer affordable options for eco-conscious oral care.

      Yes, our eco-friendly toothpaste is recommended by dentists for both oral health and sustainability. In fact, our toothpaste was created by a dentist and a cosmetic chemist, forming a dynamic duo with an obsession for the most effective formulations without compromises.

      Our eco-friendly toothpaste generally has less packaging waste than traditional toothpaste. We use clean and safe ingredients, along with sustainable materials to reduce plastic waste.

      Yes, our eco-friendly toothpaste has a lower water footprint as we offer dehydrated tablets compared to traditional toothpaste.

      Our eco-friendly toothpaste has a smaller negative impact on marine life and ecosystems as it contains fewer harmful chemicals and is packaged in environmentally friendly materials, reducing pollution and harm to aquatic environments.

      Yes, our NOBS Toothpaste Tablets are a perfect fit for a zero-waste lifestyle. With eco-friendly ingredients and packaging, they help reduce waste and support sustainability.

      Yes, we prioritize energy-efficient and sustainable practices in the production of our eco-friendly toothpaste.

      Our eco-friendly toothpaste minimizes its carbon footprint compared to traditional toothpaste by using sustainable ingredients, reducing packaging waste, and involving cleaner manufacturing processes.

      The packaging of our eco-friendly toothpaste is more sustainable as we use materials like recyclable glass and paper, reducing plastic waste. This makes it a greener and eco-conscious choice for your oral care

      Yes, our eco-friendly toothpaste can help combat ocean plastic pollution as we use sustainable packaging materials and reduce plastic waste, which ultimately prevents more plastic from ending up in the oceans.