PRISM Whitening Strips
PRISM Whitening Strips
PRISM Whitening Strips
PRISM Whitening Strips
PRISM Whitening Strips

PRISM Whitening Strips

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We all want a little more glow when we smile.

Introducing PRISM, delivering the power of professional teeth whitening without the high price tag.

  • 7 pairs (14 Strips)
  • 6% Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Dentist formulated
  • Only 10 ingredients
  • Formulated with Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil for a soothing experience
  • Easy to Use adhesive strips
  • Whiter and brighter teeth in 30-45 Minutes

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PVP, Glycerin, & Hydroxypropyl Cellulose (the safest ingredients to make prism stick to your teeth)

Water (well, it's water)

Hydrogen Peroxide (6% concentration, gently whitens your teeth)

Xylitol (Neutralizes peroxide acidity for tooth protection)

Coconut Oil & Aloe Vera Extract (Protects and soothes the gums)

Menthol (For that fresh, minty taste we love)

Alcohol (Keeps Prism safe from bacteria & mold)

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Safe for sensitive gum

My teeth are already whiter after 3 uses. The strips don’t burn my gum like the Crest ones do. Highly recommend!


At first, I didn't think the PRISM Whitening Strips were doing anything, but... I decided to stick it out the entire 7 days before leaving a review, and I'm glad I did because my teeth are noticeably whiter than before I started and more evenly colored. I don't know exactly when I started to notice my teeth getting whiter, but they did. My teeth didn't feel sensitive at all, but my girl said hers did get a little sensitive using them. To be transparent, I've never used a teeth whitening product before PRISM, so I have nothing to compare it to. All I know is Biöm always seems to make great products, and I haven't been disappointed yet.

Great product

It was great to use a product that worked without causing sensitivity!!!


Best toothpaste I’ve ever used!

Great product and company

Can't speak highly enough of everything this company puts out.


Experience the power of simplicity in oral care.

The natural choice for a healthy mouth

No Parabens, No Flouoride, No Sulfates, No Glycerin, No Charcoal, No Carrageenan.

No BS.

Pure ingredients

Unstoppable oral health

13 ingredients. That's all it takes to make a great toothpaste. biom skips all of the unnecessary ingredients to give you the best toothpaste without the unnecessary chemicals.

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Yes, Prism whitening strips are effective at removing surface stains and brightening your teeth.

For best results, apply Prism Whitening Strips for 30-60 minutes daily for 7 days.

Then, wait 12 weeks until your next round of whitening.

When used as directed, Prism Whitening Strips are safe and effective for teeth whitening.

Prism was specifically formulated with soothing aloe vera and coconut oil to reduce sensitivity you may have experienced with other (inferior) whitening strips.

You do not have to brush your teeth after using PRISM whitening strips although you may choose to based on your personal preference.

Yes, Prism Whitening Strips are safe for use as directed.

Prism Whitening Strips work by using hydrogen peroxide to remove surface stains and brighten the color of your teeth.

Hydrogen peroxide penetrates your tooth enamel, breaking down the molecules that cause discoloration.

With consistent use, Prism Whitening Strips result in a brighter, whiter smile!

Yes, you can eat after using Prism Whitening Strips.

Prism Whitening Strips are suitable for use within two years of purchase.

No, you do not need to brush your teeth before using Prism Whitening Strips.

Formulated with hydrogen peroxide and soothing ingredients, Prism Whitening Strips by Biom are the best on the market.

No, whitening strips are not suitable for use during pregnancy.

You do not have to rinse after using Prism Whitening Strips although you may choose to based on personal preference.

When used as directed, whitening strips do not damage teeth.

Yes, you can drink water with Prism Whitening Strips on. Just try to keep the water away from your teeth.

Prism Whitening Strips are effective with consistent usage within 7 days.

You can safely use Prism Whitening Strips every 12 weeks for a total of 4 rounds per year.

The straight whitening strip is for your top teeth while the curved strip is for your bottom teeth.

The whitening effects of whitening strips are not permanent.

Over time, the natural color of your teeth may gradually darken due to factors such as aging, lifestyle habits, and dietary choices.

Therefore, we advise regular usage of Prism Whitening Strips up to four rounds per year.

Whitening strips are not suitable for people with braces as the brackets and wires will prevent the strips from adhering to your teeth.

For best results, leave Prism Whitening Strips on for 30-60 minutes before removing.

Prism Whitening Strips are suitable for use at any time of day, though most people prefer to use them at night before brushing.

Yes, you can swallow while using Prism Whitening Strips.

For best results, Prism Whitening Strips should be applied once per day for 30-60 minutes.

Use daily for 7 days straight, then wait 12 weeks before another round of whitening.

Whitening strips are not suitable while wearing Invisalign aligners as the plastic will prevent the strips from adhering to your teeth.

While you can brush before applying Prism Whitening Strips, most people prefer to brush afterwards.

You don't have to rinse your mouth after using Prism Whitening Strips, but many people prefer to.

No, whitening strips are not suitable for children while their teeth and gums are still developing.

No, you should not sleep with whitening strips on.

Whitening strips should be worn for no more than 30-60 minutes at a time.

Yes, drying your teeth may help the whitening strips adhere to them.

While it may be common, your whitening strips should not hurt you.

That's why we created Prism Whitening Strips with soothing aloe vera and coconut oil for a pleasant and comfortable whitening experience!

The effectiveness of teeth whitening strips versus gel can vary depending on the specific product.

One is not better than the other - it just comes down to personal preference.

You can, but skipping a day may reduce the efficacy of Prism Whitening Strips.

No, teeth whitening strips do not remove plaque.

Brushing and flossing will remove plaque.

Whitening strips are safe to use on veneers, but they will not change the color.

Whitening strips are safe to use on crowns, but they will not change the color.

Whitening strips are safe to use on fillings, but they will not change the color.