What are fluoride-free toothpastes?

Fluoride free toothpastes are generally formulated with alternative remineralizing agents to fluoride, like nano hydroxyapatite.

However, many natural toothpaste brands claim to be fluoride free while leaving out any ingredients that promote remineralization.

For those that are interested in trying a fluoride-free toothpaste, consider using a product that contains nano hydroxyapatite.

Nano hydroxyapatite toothpaste is a promising fluoride-free option that provides equal results compared to fluoride, some even argue it can be more effective.

This article will explain the reasons why people avoid fluoride and explore the benefits of nano-hydroxyapatite in fluoride-free toothpastes.

What is fluoride toothpaste?

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Fluoride toothpastes use fluoride as a remineralizing agent to strengthen your tooth enamel.

Fluoride is the most prevalent ingredient used in toothpastes to prevent tooth decay.

While there are many forms of fluoride, calcium fluoride is even found in nature. It can be found in water, soil, plants, air, and rocks.

For decades, fluoride has been the gold standard in traditional toothpaste worldwide as a means to:

  • Prevent tooth decay

  • Fight plaque

  • Improve oral health

Aside from that, fluoride is also used to provide relief for sensitive teeth and help your teeth rebuild themselves after contact with acid.

How does fluoride toothpaste work?

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Studies show that fluoride toothpaste can prevent cavities by improving your enamel's resistance to acid.

Dental experts believe that using fluoride from different sources is one of the best ways to prevent cavities.

Some of the most common sources of fluoride for oral health include:

  • Fluoridated water

  • Mouthwashes and mouth rinses

  • Fluoride supplements

In many dental products containing fluoride, a fluoride ion is substituted in the chain of hydroxyapatite in demineralized teeth. This creates resilience in teeth against acid and cavity-causing bacteria.

At high concentrations, fluoride toothpastes deposit calcium and phosphate ions back into your teeth. This reverses the demineralization process and protects you from tooth decay.

Aside from remineralization, fluoride is also effective at controlling bacteria growth and caries incidence.

These benefits are the driving factors behind the American Dental Association approval of products containing fluoride as a way to prevent tooth decay.

Side Effects of Fluoride

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To some people's surprise, consuming fluoride comes with certain risks that you probably weren't taught about!

Here are some of the key reasons why you should avoid fluoride in toothpaste:

Dental Fluorosis

Fluorosis is one of the side effects of overexposure to fluoride. Fluorosis only develops in early childhood when enamel formation of your adult teeth is still in process.

Dental fluorosis is the formation of white and brown spots or lines on the surface of the teeth. In severe cases, this can result in hypomineralization and enamel loss. 

In fact, avoiding dental fluorosis is one of the biggest benefits of fluoride-free toothpaste.

Children are advised to use no more than two pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste and rinse with water afterwards instead of swallowing it.

Fluoride Allergy

Surprisingly, fluoride toothpastes can cause an allergic reaction.

Although uncommon, fluoride can result to mouth lesions, a rash, tightness in the throat, or trouble swallowing.


Another risk that comes with overexposure to fluoride is intoxication.

According to the American Association of Poison Control (AAPC), toothpaste ingestion is one of the leading causes of intoxication from fluoride.

This is followed by mouth rinse and food supplements containing fluoride.

More than 80% of these intoxication cases were found in children.

Fluoride intoxication is categorized into two:

  1. Acute Effects

  2. Chronic Effects

Acute Intoxication Effects

Acute effects are described as follows:

  • Nausea or vomiting

  • Hypocalcemia

  • Involuntary muscle contractions

  • Mixed metabolic and respiratory acidosis

  • Coma and convulsions

Chronic Intoxication Effects

Chronic effects are described as follows:

  • Dental fluorosis

  • Skeletal Fluorosis

  • Hypersensitivity

  • Gastric irritations

  • Numbness, muscle spasms

  • Congenital disabilities or cancer

Chronic effects are more reported than acute effects.

With all these possible risks of fluoride ingestion, it is natural that one finds a safer alternative for the whole family's safety.

Of course, please consult with a medical professional if you ingest fluoride!

Alternatives to Fluoride Toothpastes

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You may be considering your fluoride free toothpaste options, and that's a reason why brands like biöm are gaining in popularity.

For example, NOBS Toothpaste Tablets uses nano hydroxyapatite as replacement for fluoride.

Nano hydroxyapatite is a synthetic form of calcium phosphate that help protect you from tooth decay and hypersensitivity.

Because our enamel is already composed of 97% hydroxyapatite, nano hydroxyapatite is an excellent fluoride alternative.

The Best Fluoride Free Toothpaste

If you're looking for the best fluoride-free toothpaste, NOBS Toothpaste Tablets might be perfect for you!

NOBS Toothpaste Tablets are sustainable hydroxyapatite toothpaste tablets that give you all of the benefits of remineralization without any of the systemic side effects of fluoride.

These toothpaste tablets are effective at:

  • Remineralizing teeth

  • Preventing cavities

  • Reducing hypersensitivity

Plus, unlike traditional tube toothpaste, toothpaste tablets are travel-friendly.

You'll never have to deal with TSA taking your personal care products or unwanted spills in your suitcase again!

What are NOBS Toothpaste Tablets?

NOBS are compact, dry toothpaste made with nano hydroxyapatite and other naturally derived ingredients that help:

  • Remineralize your enamel

  • Whiten your teeth and remove stains

  • Fight tooth decay

  • Lessen teeth sensitivity

Best of all, NOBS toothpaste is sulfate free, gluten free, SLS free, and has a cool mint flavor from natural peppermint.

We also use baking soda for a gentle way to fight surface stains!

Benefits of Nano Hydroxyapatite Toothpaste

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Many dental professionals love nano hydroxyapatite as it is effective at preventing cavities and reducing tooth sensitivity.

By using nHA, you'll get even more effective dentin remineralization than you would with calcium and phosphate alternatives.


Nano hydroxyapatite is an effective remineralizing agent found in toothpaste.

While nano particles have previously been scrutinized for safety, evidence suggests that they are safe at up to 10% nano hydroxyapatite concentration in toothpaste.

Not to mention, the inclusion of nano hydroxyapatite particles in toothpaste may offer a better alternative to fluoride, which has been associated with toxicity concerns in some cases.

Prevent Tooth Decay

Some dentists recommend nano hydroxyapatite as a fluoride-free alternative for its remineralization properties.

In fact, studies show that nano hydroxyapatite exhibits impressive remineralization results which can prevent tooth decay. exhibiting significantly better remineralization results.

Teeth Sensitivity

Since nHA particles are so tiny, they can easily penetrate exposed dentinal tubes caused by demineralization and lessen teeth sensitivity.

Studies show that nano-hydroxyapatite is 23% more effective than fluoride in reducing teeth sensitivity.

Biofilm Control

Due to its biomimetic properties, nano hydroxyapatite is able to fight plaque while supporting a healthy oral microbiome.

Whitens Teeth

Multiple in vivo and in vitro studies suggest that nHA whitens teeth through remineralization, which creates a smoother and brighter appearance around the teeth.

Typically, hydrogen peroxide and other whitening agents whiten teeth mechanically or chemically.

On the other hand, nHA in a whitening toothpaste like NOBS makes your teeth appear brighter by filling in microabrasions and holes.

What's wrong with most fluoride-free toothpastes?

Unlike NOBS by Biöm, most fluoride free toothpaste brands formulate their products without any understanding of oral health.

Typically, these brands leave out the most important ingredient in your toothpaste - a remineralizing agent, like nano hydroxyapatite!

In addition many of these natural toothpaste companies will include essential oils such as tea tree oil, peppermint oil, coconut oil, activated charcoal, aloe vera, fresh mint, or even green tea.

These additional ingredients are not sufficient for remineralization, which is important for healthy teeth and fighting cavities.

Fluoride vs Fluoride-Free: Nano Hydroxyapatite Toothpaste

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Studies suggest that nano hydroxyapatite has comparative efficacy to fluoride in reducing teeth sensitivity and remineralizing your enamel. Reducing teeth sensitivity and remineralizing the enamel.

At the same time, nano hydroxyapatite is biomimetic and biocompatible which makes it safer for small children and pregnant women.

On the other hand, fluoride poses the risk of causing fluorosis, allergies, and intoxication. For this reason, many people consider fluoride to be an ingredient to avoid in toothpaste.

So, when you compare fluoride free toothpastes to fluoride toothpastes, it's pretty obvious who the winner is!

Summary: Best Fluoride-Free Toothpastes

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If you're looking for the best fluoride-free toothpastes, look no further because NOBS Toothpaste Tablets offer the same efficacy as fluoride toothpastes without the potential side effects.

This fluoride-free alternative is a great option to remineralize your teeth and prevent decay.

Further, nano hydroxyapatite will help control plaque, whiten your teeth, and help reduce your sensitivity while still providing that same minty feeling you love.

Take your dental care to the next level and check out NOBS today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do some people avoid fluoride toothpaste?

Some people avoid fluoride toothpaste due to concerns about potential excessive fluoride intake, the risk of dental fluorosis, or personal preferences for fluoride-free oral care options.

Do all toothpastes contain fluoride? 

No, not all toothpastes contain fluoride. While many popular brands include fluoride, it's not a universal ingredient in every dental product. Toothpaste with nano hydroxyapatite, a natural and safer alternative to fluoride, can help fight sensitivity and tooth decay while protecting you from fluoride toxicity.

What are the side effects of fluoride?

Excessive fluoride intake can lead to dental fluorosis, a cosmetic issue affecting tooth enamel, or skeletal fluorosis. To reduce your risk of developing these side effects, avoid excessive consumption and consider switching to toothpaste with nano hydroxyapatite, a safe and natural alternative to fluoride.

What is the best fluoride toothpaste alternative?

Nano hydroxyapatite toothpaste is an effective option for those seeking an alternative to fluoride. It offers dental protection without any harmful effects and is often recommended for its remineralizing properties.

Is nano hydroxyapatite toothpaste as effective as fluoride?

Yes, nano hydroxyapatite toothpaste is as effective as fluoride, providing dental protection similar to fluoride without the same risks. Nano hydroxyapatite is often recommended for its remineralizing properties and can be a valuable alternative for those seeking fluoride-free options.

NOBS Toothpaste Tablets
NOBS Toothpaste Tablets
NOBS Toothpaste Tablets
NOBS Toothpaste Tablets
NOBS Toothpaste Tablets
NOBS Toothpaste Tablets
NOBS Toothpaste Tablets
NOBS Toothpaste Tablets
NOBS Toothpaste Tablets

NOBS Toothpaste Tablets

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NOBS is everything toothpaste should be - all the good stuff, and none of the junk.

Fluoride Free
Never any fluoride, and no harsh abrasives.

We used the magical remineralizing power of 5% nano-hydroxyapatite to protect your teeth long-term. It's the safest alternative to fluoride!

Unlike messy tube toothpaste, NOBS are easy to store and use anywhere.

Thanks to our unique blend of natural ingredients, NOBS will make your breath as fresh as you look. Instead of gross sweeteners that cover up a natural slightly bitter aftertaste, our organic mint will leave you so kissable. Trust us, your date will thank you.

Cleans Effectively Without Damaging Enamel

With an enviable RDA of 21.38, NOBS Toothpaste Tablets are intentionally designed to help you gently buff out surface stains and break up plaque biofilm without causing damage to your enamel. Thanks, baking soda!

Flex on TSA

NOBS toothpaste tablets don’t apply to the 3.4oz limit. Fly with confidence that you won’t be condemned to a dirty mouth while you travel.

No Mess

Never worry about your toothpaste tube exploding over your other toiletries. NOBS toothpaste tablets come in an air-tight glass jar, free of plastic and without the mess. Unscrew, chew, and renew your mouth.

No Plastic

We want you to disrupt your brushing routine, not your endocrine system. Unlike other brands, our product is free of all plastics and BPAs.

Perfect Size

NOBS toothpaste tablets are individual and perfectly dosed. No more squeezing, no more tube sliding against the edge of your sink and definitely no wasted toothpaste.

Safe for Children

Protecting little ones is our top priority. NOBS provides the safest oral care for pregnant women and their families. Just monitor and ensure that your child can chew and swallow safely before introducing them to NOBS.

This product is not suitable for pets. Humans only, please!

While xylitol is great for supporting the human oral microbiome, it can be toxic to pets. Please keep NOBS away from your furry friends, and contact your veterinarian immediately if consumed by your pet.

Fluoride Free Toothpaste Tablets