Should You Use Mouthwash Everyday? A Dentist Explains

Mouthwash is a popular oral hygiene product, and as long as it's alcohol-free, you're safe to use it every day.

However, some mouthwashes include harmful ingredients that are not safe to use everyday such as:
  • Alcohol
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Chlorhexidine
In fact, we believe in all-natural mouthwashes to keep your mouth healthy and don't think alcohol-based mouthwash is safe to use at all.

In this article, we'll explore what mouthwash is, how it works, and whether you should use it every day.

What Is Mouthwash?

a bottle of mouthwash next to a wooden toothbrush

Mouthwash, also known as oral rinse, is a liquid solution specifically designed to help maintain oral hygiene and provide benefits like freshening your breath.

It's typically used as a supplementary step in your daily oral care routine alongside brushing with fluoride free toothpaste and using expandable floss.

Mouthwash comes in a variety of formulations and flavors, and its formula varies heavily depending on the company that makes it.

How Does Mouthwash Work?


Mouthwash typically contains active ingredients that serve various purposes.

Antiseptic mouthwashes, for instance, may help kill bacteria, reduce plaque, and diminish bad breath.

On the other hand, mouthwashes with remineralizing agents may strengthen tooth enamel, making it more resistant to decay.

How do you choose a mouthwash?

Mouthwash Rinse Product

It's important to note that not all mouthwashes are the same, and their effectiveness can vary based on their active ingredients and intended use.

The best way to determine which mouthwash is right for you is to consider your individual needs and potentially even consult with your dentist.

They can assess your oral care and recommend a mouthwash that aligns with your needs and goals for maintaining a healthy mouth.

Why should you use mouthwash?

Using mouthwash can offer several benefits for your oral health and hygiene:
  • Improved oral hygiene thanks to its ability to fight gum disease by reducing harmful bacteria in your mouth.
  • Freshening breath which can be especially helpful after meals or in between brushing.
  • Strengthening tooth enamel and preventing tooth decay.
  • Providing relief from certain oral conditions like canker sores.
Mouthwashes are an awesome addition to your standard oral care routine of brushing, flossing, and using a tongue scraper.

How to Use Mouthwash


Using mouthwash is a simple process, but it's essential to do it correctly to maximize its benefits.

Here's to do it right:

1. Pick up some SWISH Mouthwash
2. Measure out about 20mL (or just take a big swig!)
3. Gargle and swish your mouthwash for at least 20-30 seconds
4. Spit it out

That's it! Just remember that while mouthwash can be a valuable addition to your oral care routine, it shouldn't replace proper brushing and flossing.

Brushing and flossing are essential for removing food particles and plaque from your teeth and gums and should be done regularly.

Are you supposed to use mouthwash every day?


Unlike brushing your teeth which must be done twice daily, the frequency of using mouthwash largely depends on your oral care needs and the type of mouthwash you're using.

Some people use mouthwash as part of their daily routine, while others only use it occasionally.

Is it bad to use mouthwash every day?


No, using SWISH Mouthwash daily is safe for most people - in fact, it was specifically designed with all-natural herbs to be gentle enough for everyday use!

However, some mouthwashes contain high levels of alcohol, which can cause dry mouth and other adverse effects with prolonged use.

While mouthwash kills bacteria, using alcohol-based mouthwash can lead to mouth sores and other undesirable conditions.

To avoid potential issues, consider using alcohol-free mouthwash.

Should I use mouthwash twice a day?


Using mouthwash twice a day is reasonable provided that the one you are using is not a so-called over-the-counter mouthwash since it can kill harmful bacteria and because it's certainly quicker than oil-pulling!

Many people use mouthwash in the morning and evening as part of their routine.

However, you're a unique individual, and your specific needs should guide your usage.

Do you still have to brush your teeth if you use mouthwash?


Yes, you still have to brush your teeth twice per day.

Remember, mouthwash is not a substitute for brushing and flossing!

It can complement your oral care routine but should not replace these essential steps.

Proper brushing and flossing are necessary to remove food particles and plaque from your teeth and gums.

What's the best mouthwash?

SWISH Mouthwash

SWISH Mouthwash is hands-down the best mouthwash on the market!

It’s a standout product formulated by a dentist and crafted with herbs, an alkaline pH, and all-natural sweeteners.

We also prioritize health & sustainability with a plastic-free aluminum bottle.

Further, SWISH is perfect for pregnant women and kids as it doesn’t contain any:
  • drying alcohols
  • carrageenan
  • SLS
  • parabens
  • or any artificial ingredients, flavors, or colors

Unlike other mouthwashes, SWISH is perfectly designed to nurture your oral microbiome.

Oh, and did we mention it’s also vegan and cruelty-free?

The Bottom Line: Are you supposed to use mouthwash every day?


Using mouthwash every day can be a valuable addition to a good oral hygiene routine, providing benefits such as eliminating bad breath and improving optimal oral health.

However, you also need to consider the type of mouthwash, your individual needs, and any potential side effects.

Plus, it's always a good idea to consult with your dentist to determine the best approach for your dental health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use mouthwash as a replacement for brushing my teeth?

No, mouthwash is not a substitute for brushing your teeth. It can be used as a supplementary step in your oral hygiene routine, but brushing and flossing are essential for proper cleaning.

Are there any side effects of using mouthwash daily?

Using mouthwash daily is generally safe, but some alcohol-based mouthwashes can lead to dry mouth and other issues with prolonged use. Therefore, it's a good idea to consider switching to alcohol-free mouthwash.

What's the difference between antiseptic and fluoride mouthwash?

Antiseptic mouthwash is designed to kill bacteria and reduce plaque, while mouthwash containing fluoride is meant to strengthen tooth enamel and prevent tooth decay.

Can children use mouthwash, and if so, which type is suitable for them?

Children can use mouthwash provided they can safely gargle and swallow. Further, children should only use mouthwash under adult supervision to prevent swallowing.

How do I choose the right mouthwash for my specific needs?

Consult with your dentist to determine the best mouthwash for your specific oral health needs, whether it's for diminishing bad breath, cavity prevention, or other concern

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Swish Mouthwash
Swish Mouthwash
Swish Mouthwash
Swish Mouthwash
Swish Mouthwash
Swish Mouthwash
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Swish Mouthwash
Swish Mouthwash

Swish Mouthwash

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Immerse yourself in the revitalizing freshness of our latest formulation, Swish. A testament to biöm's unwavering commitment to holistic health and well-being. Harnessing the potent benefits of mother nature, our mouthwash combines science and nature's bounty to deliver a unique solution for impeccable oral hygiene and lasting fresh breath.

Bottled at 16 fl oz, our herbal mouthwash formula takes the best of what nature has to offer:

Neem and Licorice Extracts: Used for centuries in traditional medicine, these power-packed botanicals promote oral health by combating harmful bacteria and providing natural anti-inflammatory benefits.

Spearmint and Peppermint Essential Oils: Long-lasting freshness is no longer a dream. These cooling natural oils ensure you'll enjoy a pleasant, long-lasting minty freshness that truly invigorates.

Xylitol and Stevia: We've incorporated these natural sweeteners to provide an enjoyable, refreshing taste without any guilt – they actually help in maintaining a healthy pH balance in your mouth!

Aloe Vera Juice: Say goodbye to the harsh, drying effect of traditional mouthwashes. Our formula includes these natural moisturizing agents for a comfortable rinse that leaves your mouth feeling hydrated.

Not just that, our formula is as kind to the Earth as it is to your mouth:

❖ Free from harsh chemicals and artificial preservatives

❖ Cruelty-free and vegan

❖ Eco-friendly packaging


Shake well before use. Swish approximately one tablespoon of mouthwash in your mouth for about 30 seconds, then spit it out.

Experience the biöm difference today – because your oral health is a reflection of your overall wellness.